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    White Eyelet Dress


White Eyelet Dress

Hey you all gorgeous gals, are you looking for something very much happening and trendy which can help you to look elegant, dazzling and sexy?

Well then, what you may be looking for is the white eyelet dress.


white cotton eyelet dress 


eyelet dress 

 eyelet dresses

What is it? It is a dress made up of eyelet fabric, a fabric with small holes with ornamental stitched edges in embroidered fabric. A white eyelet dress is one which looks stunning, no matter what is behind the purpose to wear that particular dress.

I became a great fan of this white eyelet dress when I had seen Lindsay Lohan in the movie Georgia Rule, in which she wore a white eyelet dress which was looking very cute and sexy. That was a halter dress with V-neck having the eyelet pattern all over it. 

white eyelet dresses    white eyelet dresses    white eyelet dress

Eyelet dresses are very much feminine and the white color adds up more feminine character in your look. But there are some features you should keep in your mind while going out to purchase the marvelous piece in this eyelet material.

White Eyelet Dresses – Types and Styles

Regarding color selection, I think the more you explore, the more colors you can find in this particular eyelet fabric. The fabric is available in a variety of colors, but as I said above, the white is for all and can be put on anytime.

No other color can seem to match the white elegance. White eyelet dresses are things which you can find on any online store or in the market easily. Other than white, the light purple, pinkish, and yellowish colors help you to look colorful and very beautiful. 

white eyelet dress    eyelet dresses    eyelet dress

Regarding neck styles, if you want to look flirty then go for scoop necks and I am sure the dress will give you the right look. And if you want a sexy dress, then just pick the white eyelet dress with V-neck or in halter neck. Go for deep V-neck if you want to look more stylish and sexy.  

On the topic of sleeve styles, you can go for the strap pattern in which you find a variety of straps. Specific examples include very thin and narrow straps, broad and wide straps, and strapless like a tube neck or with sleeves. However, in my opinion, if you want an eyelet dress with sleeves, just opt for the one with sleeve size of ¾ length, and it will look great.


Regarding materials, the eyelet is one of the materials of its own kind. It is available in different ground fabrics like cotton fabric, linen fabric, chemical fabric, silk fabric, and jean fabric. The embroidery over these fabrics comes in various types which makes the eyelet fabric look different every time. Some of these are embroidery with holes and stretch em broidery.

After all the dress information provided above, you will definitely be able to pick the right white eyelet dress for yourself. Happy shopping!

white cotton eyelet dresses    cotton eyelet dress    cotton eyelet dresses

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